The Mamashop Inc. Story

How Mamashop Inc. came to be

Founded and run by folks who appreciate the finer things in life, Mamashop Inc. was born from their shared passion to share the 'good stuff' with their 'kakis'. As a nod to the nostalgia that most of us were fortunate to have enjoyed, the founders of Mamashop Inc. wanted to bring back a similar experience for their customers, while offering quality service and retailing select artisanal products. Mamashop Inc. aims to be the preferred platform for these products and services, where extensive research is done so that only the best is brought in to cater to their discerning customers' palate.

Origins of the mamashop

Convenience stores or sundry shops in Singapore and Malaysia were traditionally known as mamashops, and were often located under high-rise public apartment blocks or in residential estates. Unlike other stores such as 7-Eleven, mamashops sell a variety of provisions within their limited area of operations. Since the shopkeeper was most likely to be the shop owner, service was rendered largely on a friendly and personal basis.